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Bringing integrity to satellite communications. 

VIA LHSAT Global NOC infrastructure, LHSAT provides quality connectivity. Driven by market trends, LHSAT  network has been developed to offer more interconnections, platforms and communications solutions.  

To enhance maritime services, LHSAT establishes value added applications as following:

LTE Mobile Data

Dynamic data routing in between LTE mobile data, Ku band and L band satellite network, with firewall to control individual subscriber’s data usages allowance in volume and duration in time.

Behavior Management

Behavior Management User behavior management through a new generation firewall (NGFW) can manage application access according to their needs. * Integrated intrusion prevention* Application awareness and control to block specific apps* URL filtering to enforce policies on specific URLs* Standard firewall capabilities.

LHSAT VoIP Network Services

LHSAT VoIP network services, unlike other satellite phone network, LHSAT VoIP solution extends services to customer premises on land. Though our partnership with Telstra and Chunghwa Telecom, LHSAT is able to assign local telephone number to vessels, with numbering resources in over 90 countries worldwide for local direct dialing to vessels without paying expensive satellite or international phone rates.

  1. Expansion software combines into Outlook.

  2. Provide exclusive cloud storage space.

3. Convert attached file to link.

4. Support multiple languages.

Smart Ship Management

  • Smart Ship Management with over 2000+ date from vessel 

  • Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)

  • Alert Management Systems (AMS)

  • VDR (Voyage Data Recorder)

  • KYMA, a Marine Performance Monitoring Systems

  • Mass Flow Meter (MFM)

  • Infrastructure from ship to Cloud

  • Easy access to important and valuable ship data

  • Support both crew and management in operational decisions

  • Significantly reduce the environmental footprint


  1. Real time Video and Voice Communicate with Physician

  2. Transmit the diagnosis results from medical equipment to assist urgent judgement from remote site

Low Bandwidth Video

Exclusive image compression and transmission technology, ultra-low data loss, saving 80% of data usage

  1. Applicable satellite network
    Few remote monitoring systems developed for satellite bandwidth in the market

  2. Ultra Low Bandwidth video compression Specially developed compression and transmission technology in the satellite environment. And can save up to 80% of the data usage costs.

  3. Low Latency transmission
    Reliable video links with self-healing and adaptive bandwidth usage

  4. Multiple stream control
    Each stream with its own bandwidth control

  5. Remote control
    Support all front-end Cameras, and completely independent remote control

  6. High security
    SSL and certificate authentication with AES128/256 Bit Encryption

Video Conference

  1. One to one voice and video communication
    Have direct and instant voice and video calls

  2. Real-time conversations over satellite networks
    Low bandwidth video enables effective transmission over satcom

  3. Share information directly
    Enables effective decisions and data dissemination

  4. Secure encrypted communications
    All media, video and voice, encrypted during transmission

  5. Simple and easy to use
    Focus on operations rather than technology

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